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1. We Want To Promote the Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog Breeds.

They Are An Exceptional Breed! That I've had for 27 years now.

 2. There Are Breeders(puppy mills), That Are Charging Up To $2000.00, WOW! Not

To Say They Don't Have Good Pups,(but our pups are as good if not BETTER).

They Just Do It For The Money! NOT US! We Do It For The Love Of The Breed!

 3. No Matter If You Are Buying A Family Dog Or A Working Dog, We Want You To Be

Able To Afford It. We Have 100% Pure Bloodlines with A 2 time Grand Champion in

Agility. You're Not Buying Less Of A Dog, Just Paying Less Of A Price.

 4. Our Pups Are Priced At $400.00 This Includes 2 Trips To The Vet, Up To Date

Vaccinations & Worming In Accordance With Age, And Of Course Lots Of Attention!

We Don't Just Leave Them Out In A Kennel. They Are Born In The House And

Raised In The House With Outside Play Days When Old Enough.

 5. We have a very long list of people who want one of our pups so please get on our

notify list. This does not guarantee you a pup but when a litter is born, I will send a

mass email to everyone on list to notify of the pups. After 3 - 4 weeks I will send

another notification of pups being for sale. It is on that day and time the first to pick a

pup, pay deposit, and sign contract that will guarantee getting That pup.

*They do go fast!!!

 6. Ready to buy? You must first agree to our contract. Download Contract Here:

Pup Contract.pdf   or here Pup Contract.docx

We Feel The Pricing Of Our Pups

Is Very Fair. We Don’t Breed For The Money, We Do It For The Love Of The Breed, So More People Can Enjoy The Breed.
Australian Cattle Dogs
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Australian Cattle Dogs (Blue & Red Heelers)