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We Love Our Dogs! Our Dogs Are 100% Pure Bred To The ACD Standards. We Have Both Blue Heelers & Red Heelers. Not Being A Puppy Mill! We Are A Natural,Responsible Breeder
Rufus was born to two of my working dogs in 2005, one of a litter of 8. At the time the company I worked for had me working outside of Philadelphia. I flew home for a visit to see the pups and they were beautiful. Spending time with them Rufus bonded with me right away and it was going to be hard leaving them in a few days. I had decided I didn't have time to have a puppy with me in Pennsylvania. I was on my way to the airport. Constantly thinking of Rufus when I called my mother and asked her to bring him to meet me since I had a flight to catch and no time to come back and make my flight. She didn't know which one he was so she loaded all the pups in her car and rushed to meet me. I was rushing back towards home to meet her, when we met up I grabbed Rufus and rushed to a pet store to buy a kennel for him on the plane. We flew back to Philly and were together from that day every hour of every day. He went to work with me everyday and traveled with me when I traveled. He would ride anything, my motorcycle, go carts, 4-wheelers, boats, and planes.
In Feb of 2011 Rufus got sick unfortunately it ended up being cancer. I took him to the University Of Tennessee (best vets and people ever!) upon recommendation of the vet. He was so sick when we arrived around 11:00pm, the Vets told me it looked like he would not make it through the night. Waiting to hear from the doctor, a few hours later I was told he was in kidney failure and has lymphoma cancer. The options were to let him go or try to save him. My only concern was to not let him suffer and as long as he did not suffer, save him. The doctors went to work, and after 6 days in the hospital Rufus improved enough to come home. We did have to travel to the hospital every week, then later every other week for his chemotherapy which had him in remission after a few weeks. He continued in and out of remission for several months as his lymphoma was very aggressive.
Sadly after 7 months and $14,000 of treatments Rufus had to be euthanized. After getting to spend the day together outside where he liked to be his vet came outside and did it. His cancer was very aggressive and he kept going in and out of remission. Having not suffered and being able to be  together for the extra 7 months was a blessing to both of us! There is one main Doctor that took care of Rufus 90% of the time and there are no words that can express my gratefulness of the 7 months she gave Rufus and I, he was truly a family member and my best friend! My sincere Appreciation goes to Dr. Flood, she is truly a GREAT Vet and WONDERFUL person!!
Thank you to all the Vets, students, and staff at the University Of Tennessee Animal Clinic for the Professionalism, Great Care, and Compassion that was showed to both Rufus and I!
"We Miss You & Love You Rufus, You Are Forever In Our Hearts!"
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